Smashbox DNA Mascara is a Don’t

dnaThe Beauty Bug and this new-ish Smashbox DNA Mascara didn’t get off to the best start. She opened the mascara for the first time and stared at the wand. Did the tip break off? Was it damaged? The end looked stubby and She knew She definitely wouldn’t be able to maneuver it into the corners of Her eye for those hard to reach lashes. A quick check on confirmed that the wand was fine and intact.

Back at Her vanity, The Beauty Bug began to apply the mascara, attempting to familiarize Herself with the ‘ revolutionary double helix’ brush. After one stroke, She knew this mascara wasn’t for Her. What was supposed to be the selling point, (the applicator), was the downfall. The odd, bulky, block-ish, blunt-ended brush made for a very awkward and uneasy application. Almost immediately, a considerable amount of product landed on The Beauty Bug’s eyelid and on the bridge of Her nose. Finally, after multiple coats (each more uncomfortable and difficult than the next), the mascara delivered average/decent length, and no volume or thickness.

For the second trial the next day, The Beauty Bug had done a bit of research and discovered that there were a set of instructions hidden under a flap on the box that had gone unnoticed. She reached into Her trash to retrieve the box and lifted the flap. The first step advises to title your chin up and apply the mascara in a single stroke as you normally would, step two instructs to hold the brush vertically and comb through lashes, and step three completes the look by using the tip of the brush to fan out lashes at the corners of the eyes.

Even with the directions in hand, and step by step photos to go with them, this mascara doesn’t make the cut. While the formula is decent (no clumping or flaking), the brush is nearly impossible to use.

Bottom line -  if long lashes aren’t in your genes, unfortunately, Smashbox DNA mascara is not the answer.

Smashbox DNA mascara is available at Sephora for $9.

Disclosure: A press sample was provided to The Beauty Bug.

3 Responses to Smashbox DNA Mascara is a Don’t

  1. Anne

    Bummer! The brush looks like it would be really hard to maneuver.

  2. maryinwonder

    what? vertically? are they crazy? what a total crap mascara. These should be confiscated, not letting them hit the shelves >_>

  3. Alison Smith

    Ugh I agree, I received this mascara as a gift and kept hitting my eyelids and nose with the applicator. Definitely not for me.

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