Get that Halo Glow…

SBOX-07Funny story about this product. The Beauty Bug was first drawn to it after one of Her recent romps through Sephora while eavesdropping on another sale in progress.  It was recommended to a shopper by a Sephora employee who maintained that it was the only foundation she could wear. And her skin look gooo-oood. Peering over shoulders and kiosks, The Beauty Bug zeroed in on the product, Smashbox’s HALO Hydrating Perfecting Powder in fair, and grabbed it; all the while shaking Her head in disbelief that it was actually a powder. Sold.

Once at home, The Beauty Bug reached for it. She peeled off the seal sticker and waited for the powder to seep through the holes. No powder. She closed the compact, turned it over, and tapped the bottom. No powder. She shook it. No powder.  She shook it harder. Frustrated and on the verge of being late for work, She reached for another foundation. Day two – more of the same. Day three She headed to straight to Sephora, foundation in hand.

She brought it up to the register and explained her conundrum. Within 30 seconds, and one simple twist of the compact (built in shaver, as Smashbox calls it), the powder magically appeared. Embarrassed, ashamed and still a bit puzzled, She left the store. If only She had watched this video

Forget everything you know or have heard about powders. This little wonder sets a new standard for all powders – it’s a powder with anti-aging power.  The formula is comprised of pure gold, 48 minerals, 11 amino acids and Smashbox’s unique Goji berry-C Complex,  a strong anti-oxidant. What most impressed The Beauty Bug was the fact that once on the skin, it looks as though it’s a liquid foundation. Skin is left looking fresh, hydrated and luminescent – NOT chalky or matte in the slightest. Coverage is sheer and smooth, yet buildable. The spill-proof twist/shaver mechanism allows the minerals to stay fresh and makes the product easy to travel with. The Beauty Bug prefers Her own, softer kabuki brush to the one that comes with the foundation, but the accompanying brush will do in a pinch.

Bare Escentuals users, The Beauty Bug is talking to you.  Smashbox provides better coverage, and delivers anti-aging benefits.  While at first glance the prices are dramatically different, Bare Escentuals ($25) offers .3 ounces of powder, while Smashbox ($59) gives you .75 ounces.

Smashbox HALO Hydrating Perfecting Powder & Brush Set is available on and for $59.

Disclosure: The Beauty Bug  purchased this herself at Her local Sephora while on Her lunch break.

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  1. YJ

    I actually bought this a while back on a whim and I LOVE it! I do use it sparingly though because it’s prettttty pricey! But I have to say it’s worth the money! =)

  2. maryinwonder

    This shaving mechanism is so funny! Wanna try it! Good to know this stuff is actually works fine! But the price tag is indeed steep a bit…

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