November Product of the Month – Pantene Pro-V’s Nature Fusion


It wasn’t a coincidence that every 3-5 days or so, The Beauty Bug was having good hair days and getting comments and compliments from Her co-workers.  “Your hair looks thicker” one said, followed by ” Your hair looks so healthy and shiny.” The product behind the praise ? Pantene Pro-V’s Nature Fusion Moisture Balance Shampoo and Conditioner. In short, it’s calisthenics for your hair.

Let’s rewind a bit. The Beauty Bug was never a Pantene girl. It was always  just another bottle on the shelf at the drugstore. On the rare occasions that She did use it, Her hair was often too soft and hard to style.  But, after their new Nature Fusion Moisture Balance Shampoo and Conditioner won a Best of Allure Beauty Breakthrough Award, She had to give the brand another try. Intrigued by the claims, and the buzz, She added the shampoo and conditioner duo to Her product rotation.

The secret ingredient causing the stir is the cassia flower, a close relative to cinnamon that’s native to India. A key isolated polymer  (large molecule) from the plant adheres to hair and forms a netting when hair is wet and in its weakest state; protecting hair from the friction of fingers and combs. The polymer acts as a shield and within a week, hair is stronger and less susceptible to breakage. As the polymer evaporates, conditioning silicones and fatty acids are left behind and they work to seal the cuticle, providing strength against damage from root to tip. And, Voilà! Calisthenics for your hair.

When Allure consulted an expert, they were nothing but impressed both with the studies, the evidence, and with the short length of time it took to see results.

Other ingredients in this all-star pair include aloe vera and ginger.  It possess Pantene’s signature smell, but is just a bit more fresh and a bit more floral. The light moisturizing formula didn’t weigh down The Beauty Bug’s hair at all, and the conditioning properties are off the charts. After continued use for about two weeks, The Beauty Bug’s hair was tangibly healthier, softer (but not too soft!) and stronger, and less broken hair was  in Her comb.

Pantene’s Nature Fusion line is available at drugstores nationwide for $3.99.

2 Responses to November Product of the Month – Pantene Pro-V’s Nature Fusion

  1. Beauty Bug Husband

    Giiirrrrlllllll … your hair ALWAYS looks shiny! How many times a day do I tell you that?

  2. Liz Dickens

    Well you are not kidding. Picked up the duo yesterday, washed my hair this am, saw hubby this afternoon. And he thought I had been to the salon. This product is a steal.

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