Happy Hanukkah from LUSH

image001Jewish ladies, stop your kvetching and start running a bath because LUSH has done a mitzvah! Just in time for the Festival of Lights, the homemade skincare company is offering this Better Than a Blintz dreidel gift set. It’s not made out of clay, but it is filled with four of their best selling bath bombs including lemongrass infused Avobath, grapefruit and mandarin packed Happy Pill, apple-scented So White and peppermint-infused Magic. After the menorah is lit, the latkes are noshed, the gelt is won, the presents are opened, and you’ve kibitzed with your mishpachah while doing your best to avoid your meshugana aunt, take some time to relax and unwind. Because we all know the meshugaas that the holidays can be…

So, be a mensch and buy this. Celebrating without it is just a farkakte idea.

Mazel Tov, LUSH; you’ve made the Beauty Bug kvell! It’s about time!

That’s The Beauty Bug’s shtick, and She’s sticking to it…

Happy Hanukkah!

LUSH Better Than a Blintz Gift set is available in LUSH retail stores only for $19.95.

Disclosure: The Beauty Bug did NOT receive a sample of this set – She just loves this set!

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  1. David

    That is one funny blog……keep up the good work! Happy Chanukah !!!

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