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EricSakasCandidEric Sakas, VAPOUR Organic Beauty’s co-founder and director, has been around the beauty block.  With a 15-year career in the beauty industry, his resume includes co-founding Kevyn Aucoin Beauty and serving as Director of Color for Philosophy.  It wasn’t until he swatched an unlabeled foundation sample on his hand that VAPOUR ball began to roll.

VAPOUR is the story of a fast-paced, savvy, man about town New Yorker and a remote New Mexico lab that refused to compromise when it came to ingredients. The result of the union is a line of 30 high-performing, prestige cosmetics.

Green aficionados, listen up. VAPOUR high-performing organics are 100% natural and chemical free, made with 70% certified organic ingredients. The line includes foundation, concealer, blush for lips, cheeks and eyes, glosses, lipsticks, lip conditioners, eye color treatments and The Beauty Bug’s favorite, the Stratus Instant Perfector (She likes to call it the glow stick). This magic stick is a  primer, highlighter, skin-treatment and anti-ager all in one.  Swipe it across the face and it moisturizes and brightens complexions; leaving its dewy, healthy mark. Want a second opinion? Just check out what New Beauty had to say.

Recently, The Beauty Bug had the opportunity to speak with Eric, and learn a bit more about the brand that’s taking organic to a new standard…

BB: Tell me a little about your background, your time working alongside Kevyn Aucoin, your time working at Philosophy, etc.

ES: I got my start in the beauty biz by a stroke of luck. They say that things can happen in a New York minute and it did the day a friend of mine introduced me to Kevyn Aucoin. The next week I was on a plane with him headed to Toronto to do a music video with Liza Minnelli. It really just happened like that. I was very fortunate to know and work with Kevyn and see how brilliant he was. He loved to laugh and he always had fun doing his work he loved what he was doing. I learned so many things from him mostly what unconditional love meant. On the makeup side of things he taught me to never do anything with timidity or fear. I had the opportunity to really learn how to develop products and what makes a great makeup product and that both formula and color really go hand in hand.

Working with Philosophy was an incredible experience in that I was fortunate to work with another industry visionary, Christina Carlino. I learned from her that I was good at what I did. She really trusted me implicitly, which was great for building my confidence. I’ve been very blessed to have worked with incredible teachers.

BB: How was VAPOUR born?

ES: I was consulting in the industry and someone handed me a VAPOUR foundation. It had been developed but had not been to market yet. I swatched it on my hand and was instantly struck by how it looked on the skin. I then found out it was organic and was completely blown away. All I knew is that they were from Taos (New Mexico). I Googled them that night, contacted them the next day and told them that I had to help them bring the product to women everywhere. The rest is history. I knew in my gut when I first tried the foundation that there was nothing on the market like it.

BB: You write about learning so many things from Kevyn. What’s the most valuable makeup technique he taught you?

ES: I learned how to do things with confidence. He taught me how to do an incredibly soft and beautiful smokey eye. The trick is blending, blending, blending and going over top of any mistakes with a cream to powder foundation.

BB: Name one celebrity that you’d love to get your hands on and give a VAPOUR face.

ES: Lady Gaga. She inspires me.

atmosphere-120-crop-27BB: If you could urge women to try one product and one product only, which product should that be and why?

ES: The Vapour Atmosphere Foundation because it goes on evenly, and blends into the skin seamlessly. It also looks like nothing I’ve ever seen before in a foundation which is a beautiful, healthy, radiant, youthful glow. It’s amazing.

BB: What’s the best way to apply the foundation? Sponge? Damp sponge? Foundation brush?

ES: The fingers because the warmth helps the product blend into the skin.

BB: There’s a good amount of buzz surrounding VAPOUR’s revolutionary delivery system/texture that’s unique to the brand. Tell us about that.

ES: We take mineral pigments and suspend them in a certified organic botanical base which allows the pigments, when dispersed, to move and breathe with your skin, rather than sitting on the skin flat and lifeless like typical minerals. (Editor’s note: It’s not a powder, liquid or cream, but a unique formulation that imparts a light as air texture. )

BB: While other lines just claim to be organic, VAPOUR actually is. What’s the VAPOUR difference?

ES: The difference is that we use a base of certified organic food safe ingredients. It is that base which moisturizes and protects the skin as it beauties. It’s treatment and color in one.

BB: Clearly you are a seasoned beauty expert. What did you see in VAPOUR that you hadn’t seen before in another brand?

ES: The ability to give the skin a healthy radiant glow and blend in like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

And the short list…

  • Smokey eye or red lip? I’m a sucker for a beautifully blended soft, smokey-eye which takes some practice but when done well there’s nothing like it!
  • Biggest makeup mistake women make when it comes to makeup? Applying with timidity or fear. Fear of caring what others will think.
  • Drink of choice? Water
  • True or false: you’re going to tell someone when they have lipstick on their teeth. Always true.
  • Favorite thing about New York? My friends and inspiration everywhere.
  • Other makeup icons that you look up to? Troy Surratt, Billy B, Jake Bailey, Tom Pecheux, Francois Nars, Laura Mercier..
  • What actor would play you if your life was made into a movie? Matt Damon, he is one of the most talented young actors out there.
  • I never leave home without ______ on my face. VAPOUR Lip Lux Conditioner
  • Twitter or Facebook? Recently Twitter
  • Best compliment you’ve received from a VAPOUR user? My skin looks like it did 10 years ago!
  • Favorite movie of 2009? Coco Before Chanel

VAPOUR Organic Products are available for purchase on and

Disclosure: Select press samples  were provided from from VAPOUR.

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