The Golden Globes by Numbers, 2010

6:01 - Just tuned on E!’s red carpet coverage – is Giuliana wearing tin foil? Ryan comments that her dress blinds him and refers to it as the “balloon boy” dress. She appears to be shedding glitter.

6:04 - The camera quickly pans to Jane Adams from the TV show “Hung”. She’s not wearing a bra. Lovely.

6:07 – The Beauty Bug mistakes Jennifer Morrison for Kirsten Dunst.  Dead ringer.

6:17 - Lisa Edelstein from “House” appears to be wearing OPI’s Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees on her nails, but her makeup needs a but more pop.

6:21 - Glee’s Jane Lynch looks …odd in her mustard colored dress. The Beauty Bug refuses to believe that she’s really not a gym teacher.

christina-hendricks-2010-golden-globe-awards-red-carpet-036:29 - From one pale girl to another – Elizabeth Moss,  you’re too pale to be wearing baby blue.

6:33 - Neil Patrick Harris remarks, “It’s really not who’s dressed well, but who has the biggest umbrella.”

6:36 - Mad Men’s Christrina Hendrick’s is rocking a mean red lip (She’s known to wear NARS’ Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square and Forbidden Red). No comment on the arm pit cleavage.

6:44 - Diane Krueger is the worst dressed thus far. A pink pepto diaster that’s reminiscent of Little Bo Peep. And here comes Patricia Arquette. There may be a tie.

6:50 – Vera Farmiga’s hair is a bit too prom-ish. Not loving the ringlets – but love the dress.

6:52 – January Jones’ dress is more interesting than her. Need proof? Watch her SNL episode. Do love her red lip though. It’s CHANEL Rouge Coco Lip Colour in Paris, which launches in March.

6:59 - Marion Cotillard’s dress is confusing The Beauty Bug. Is that her black strapless bra that is exposed?

mariah-carey-2010-golden-globe-awards-red-carpet-167:17 -  Ryan refers to Mariah’s  recent drunken acceptance speeches as “colorful.” In other news,  her globes are taking over the world. It’s amazing that someone with that much cleavage can still look manly.

7:18 -  Anna Kendrick looks like she used the spare garland from her Christmas tree to make her dress.

7:40 – Mark Wahlberg tells Guiliana to tell her mother he said hello.

7:46 - Giuliana is interviewing Anna Kendrick and asking her nothing about her, and everything about George Clooney. How tacky.

8:06 - Nicole Kidman  – add her to the list of those not wearing a bra.

8:30 – A deserving Michael C Hall accepts his award with a big lipstick kiss mark on his cheek. He wears it well though – Dexter can do no wrong.

jennifer-aniston-golden-globes-2010-078:42  - The Beauty Bug takes a quick cat nap while Harrison Ford speaks…yawn. He and January Jones win the boring contest.

8:44 – Loving Christina Augluilera’s muted, yet chic, sassy look. So not…her! That sheer hot pink gloss is NARS’ Easy Lover, and on her cheeks, their new Orgasm Illuminator. Glowing.

9:14 – Drew Barrymore wins for Grey Gardens and is insincerely flustered. Cue the SNL impressions.  She looked better from far away on the carpet.

9:26 – Jennifer Aniston gives thigh-high a new meaning.

9:39 - Mad Men wins for best drama and we get another look at Christina Hendricks Christian Siriano dress that’s barely holding her buxom figure. She’s a whole lot of woman.

9:48 – Wardrobe malfunction – an unidentified man steps on Chloe Sevigny’s dress. She’s pissed.

10:34 -Maybe someone should have told Arnold how to pronounce AVATAR.

10:40 - Daniel Day Lewis is among the nominees for best male actor.  Thank 59313659goodness no one is still mentioning the milk shake bit.

10:48  – The Beauty Bug Husband said that Jeff Bridges strikes him as the type of person who would have halitosis. Agreed.

The Bests and Worsts

Best Dressed

Courtney Cox

Kate Hudson, wearing L’Oreal True Match Foundation in N-3.

Cameron Diaz and her CHANEL Rouge Allure Laque in Dragon.

Jennifer Garner’s Lipstick (yes, only her lipstick) in CHANEL Rouge Coco in Rouge Orage.

Worst Dressed

Jennifer Morrison

Diane Krueger

Anna Kendrick

4 Responses to The Golden Globes by Numbers, 2010

  1. Rhonda Taylor

    Jennifer Anniston was just gorgeous in that dress!!! Why remark negative to her “thigh high” dress…you wouldn’t if it was Jolie!! She has so much more class and is a much more beautiful woman.

  2. The Beauty Bug

    Oh Rhonda, of course Jolie would get the same comment! The remark wasn’t negative…it was just an observation.

  3. shimmerfairy

    Ha! Mariah DOES manage to look weirdly manly despite the cleavage. Hilarious post, Beauty Bug. Love it.

  4. Lauren

    Diane Krueger is stunning! Her dress may not be the cutest, but she definitely pulls it off!

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