CO Bigelow’s Winter Lemon

The Beauty’s Big quest to smell like a citrus fruit continues…

It’s just impossible not to be attracted to the refreshing yet zesty, clean yet tangy smell of a lemon or a lime.

First, She tried and loved L’Occitane’s Honey and Lemon Eau de Toilette spray, and now She’s equally loving CO Bigelow’s Winter Lemon. The heart of the collection, the Winter Lemon Eau de Toilette spray is one of those products that makes winter a bit more bearable.

The fragrance combines sparkling, bright lemon notes, velvet winter fig, sweet
black currant and warm, sensual undertones of musk, rose and
sandalwood. It has a light, cool, airy aroma – it’s almost as if you can smell the crisp chill – but warms up thanks to its sweet undertones. Wearing it, She feels like a freshly made drink from Her new Penguin Water Carbonator – and that’s really all She’s ever wanted in life …

Housed in simple, classic bottle, the scent is subdued and mellow. It’s as familiar and cozy as your old favorite sweater or pair of slippers – yet comes alive on skin and sparkles with freshness – like newly fallen snow.

The Winter Lemon scent is also avilable in 2-in-1 Honey Bath & Shower Foam, Ultra-Soft Body Butter, and Ultra-Soft Body Lotion.

Those who may be a bit too late in the season for Winter Lemon, be sure to check out CO Bigelow’s Lemon collection, which is a staple at Bath and Body Works.

CO Bigelow’s Winter Lemon Collection is available in Bath & Body Works Stores, and online at COBigelow.comThe Eau de Toilette Spray is available for $29.50.

Disclosure: A press sample was provided to The Beauty Bug.

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  1. beauty bug's husband

    Of course this would have nothing to do with the two lemon yogurt cakes we made in the last 3 weeks or so, would it? :)

    I have no problem with this, for the record!

  2. The Beauty Bug

    He’s referring to his cake – – and it’s absolutely delicious!

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