Smooth Moves with Clinique’s High Lengths Mascara

Sometimes, unfortunately, life gets in the way and The Beauty Bug is too stressed, too busy, too preoccupied,  and just plain not feeling like Herself (or all of the above) to be able to write and focus…but then a mascara comes along, cheers Her up, and puts The Beauty Bug back on track. Enter Clinique’s High Lengths Mascara

The last time the Beauty Bug fell in love with a Clinique mascara was 2008. Fast forward two years, and the brand has introduced a mascara that will make you look twice. The Beauty Bug will start by saying that this mascara is not for beginners, so be patient and take your time. It brings lashes alive for those that know how to use it, so practice daily and follow instructions! Using a new curved “willow” wand, the fine toothed comb  grabs each lash at its root, but it’s all about the hand to wand maneuvering. Begin at the base of the lash line with the brush laced through the lashes, gripping them. As you slowly comb upward and move the brush up, twisting it 90 degrees  so the wand creates a “u” or a smile.  Continue to  twist it until the wand has made its way completely through your lashes.  For added drama, reapply at the tips of the lashes. Understand?

Bottom line is, this brush makes sense and, it means business. Two plus coats yields the best results; The Beauty Bug prefers 3-4. What was most noticeable to Her was how instantly lush and densely packed Her lashes appeared.  The thin formula, made from a combination of soft waxes and a light-as-air thickener, goes on incredibly smooth with no clumping. Great for those who want to achieve that long, feathery look, High Lengths is precise, has supernatural lengthening abilities, and even adds a healthy curl to top things off!

File this under: don’t just a mascara by its first application – practice makes perfect.

Clinique’s High Length’s Mascara is available at Clinique counters everywhere and at for $14.

Disclosure: A press sample was  provided to The Beauty Bug.

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