The Beauty Bug is Back…

She’s baa-ck….

The Beauty Bug Googled “sorry I haven’t posted in while”, and found this post – which advises not to apologize – so, you won’t get any apologies from this Bug. Just a promise that She’ll be try to be more consistent, and provide you with the engaging, interesting content that you’re used to . The Beauty Bug only intended to take a short break to find a new job, take some time to Herself, and prioritize. And a short break turned into a few months…

In the upcoming days, look for posts on The Beauty Bug’s summer drugstore favorites, a new men’s grooming line which has hit a chord with The Beauty Bug, Her new crackle manicure, and Boscia’s new Luminizing Black Mask.

So, until the next post (which will be in the next day or 2), The Beauty Bug leaves you with this photo of her daughter, Miss Edith Rose, with the hopes that you’ll keep coming back to read (and see more puppy photos)!

2 Responses to The Beauty Bug is Back…

  1. Nikki

    welcome back, can’t wait to read your upcoming posts :D

  2. Nancy O

    YEAH !!! So happy to see you back, I’ve missed you and your blog. Looking forward to your new postings and comments. Hurrah!

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