A Pedicure with Crackle and Pop

During Her most recent trip to the nail salon, the Beauty Bug’s manicurist, little Annie, excused herself and ran in the backroom, emerging with a small plastic bag that contained what seemed to be a normal bottle of white nail polish.  The Beauty Bug was a bit puzzled – Annie knew She only wore dark colors. Annie said she knew very little about the special polish other than it was sent to her by her sister from Vietnam. Very curious.

Annie applied two coats of OPI Black Onyx first, being careful to let it completely dry.  What happens next ladies, is magic. It’s one of those things that you don’t try to understand  – you just marvel at. As soon as she began to layer the mysterious white polish over it, the cracking began instantaneously.  It’s  truly a site to be seen for any product or polish junkie – instant, easy nail art! Annie smiled and looked down at The Beauty Bug’s toes as if it they were her own work of art.

To learn more about the trend and how wide spread it is, The Beauty Bug went straight to the source -  Her friend, Miss AllLacqueredUp. Here’s what she had to say: “Textured nails have made quite a splash on Fashion Week runways these past two seasons.  From crushed glass to leather-like finishes, high fashion nail styles have trickled down to the masses in the form of new finishes in polish.  Between that and the rising popularity in nail art, it’s natural that 90′s crackle polish, a la CoverGirl Crackle, would rear its head.  It’s no muss, no fuss nail art.  At the moment crackle polishes aren’t easy to acquire and only available to professionals but if they make their way to retail, I see crackle nails being the next big thing.”

The crackle manicure isn’t something on the menu of services – not yet at least – and The Beauty Bug hopes it stays that way!

Disclosure: The Beauty Bug paid $25 for this pedicure!

8 Responses to A Pedicure with Crackle and Pop

  1. AshBash

    i hope they release this to the masses because i want it!

  2. Kat

    You can get Krackpolish at transdesign. I remember crack polish from the 90′s. I’m glad its ‘fashionable’ again cuz I loved it!

  3. jennifer


  4. Caitlin

    I remember back in the 90s this was really popular. In fact, I had 2 nail polishes that did this (berry topped with white) and they were cool.

  5. samantha

    I remember when CoverGirl had a few colors you could do that with.

  6. Mel

    Wow I had a bottle of white crackle polish when I was in junior high. I wonder if it’s still at my parent’s house somewhere….

  7. jone li

    so fashion so beatiful, I want to try

  8. yaya

    This is awesome. How long did it stay on your toes?

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