In the Doghouse with Bulldog Natural Grooming Skincare

When asked about the story behind the name, Bulldog Natural Grooming tells The Beauty Bug that the Bulldog sums up a lot of the positive attributes of men. They add that they might not be the prettiest of dogs and  may be a bit lazy, but are also tenacious, loyal, masculine and charming. They see the Bulldog as man’s best friend.

The Beauty Bug can get behind that statement because, after all,  She should know. Below is one of Her very best friends, Edith Rose. Or just Edie for short.

Edith has a face only a mother can love. The Beauty Bug loves her signature wrinkles – only a bulldog can pull them off.  Bulldog’s Anti-Aging Moisturizer will help men to not look like Edith.

Hailing from Britain, the product line is slowly, yet surely, becoming royalty on its home turf.  Currently, they are the country’s first and largest natural skincare brand. Its creators, two pub-going thirty-somethings who barely had time to shave,  began ridding bathrooms in the UK of chemicals in 2006 by using only eco-friendly, all-natural ingredients (that means no parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, artificial colors, or synthetic fragrances).

Every dog has its day, and the two co-founders are hoping that their day is now. Late in July, the brand hit the states, launching in Whole Foods Markets in Boston. With bold packaging, affordable prices (ranging from $8.99-$13.99), and a solid, responsible philosophy, these two Brits are certainly making their mark in a dog-eat-dog industry!

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While strolling the aisles of Whole Foods, The Beauty Bug picked up the Shave Gel for Her Husband to try.  In his own words – ” it delivers.”  He notes the pleasant menthol/eucalyptus scent and the post-application cooling effect it brings, which he says is the product’s best attribute because it helped his skin to breathe.  While the gel is a bit different from the foamy lather he’s used to, it left his face silky soft and smooth (sans the Edith-like whiskers).

Beauty Bug correspondent, J, tested the Bulldog Face Wash and reports that paws down, it gets the job done.  He adds that the all-natural ingredient list reads like a folk festival (green tea [an anti-oxidant], bergamot, patchouli and tree moss) and contributes to its unique, yet non-overpowering scent. J says that best of all, Bulldog is gentle and doesn’t dry out his skin.

So men, the doghouse is calling. It may not be so bad to spend some time there.

Disclosure: The Beauty Bug paid $8.99 for the shave gel at Whole Foods!

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