Maybelline’s Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation

When Boston’s most sought after “makeover master” (as deemed by Allure Magazine) texts The Beauty Bug and tells Her to buy a certain product, The Beauty Bug listens. The artist, Dani Wagener. The product,  Maybelline’s Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation.

The text was followed by a lengthy email where Dani waxed poetic on the foundation. She told The Beauty Bug that she could “write a book” on Dream Smooth and the different ways to use it.  Finally, she had found a wonderfully blendable, easy cream foundation in a compact that  she could use with a sponge that gave her creamy, dewy coverage.

And easy it was. So easy. Apply-and-go easy. In fact, there was barely any blending needed, and that’s a tough feat to achieve with The Beauty Bug’s extremely fair, hard-to-match complexion.  With one swipe of the sponge, the foundation instantly melted/liquefied on to Her skin and formed an impeccably smooth, soft veil.  Yes, ladies, this cream-whipped wonder does it all.

For medium to full coverage, Dani recommends using a synthetic foundation brush, like MAC’s 190 brush. For a lighter coverage,  She uses a drop of her favorite liquid foundation (Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk) into the compact and blends with a sponge to get a creamy, dewy natural looking finish.

Alas, the one and only “but” in this foundation fairly tale is its packaging.  The double-sided compact features a flip-top on one side (where the sponge is housed), and a twist-off top on another (where the foundation is). The first time the Beauty Bug used it, it baffled Her. She struggled with the foundation side and couldn’t open it because She kept trying flip it open. Only natural, right? Flip is to compact as twist is to gloss. But, no. Maybelline keeps us on our pedicured toes by changing it up. Annoying, maybe – but forgive the flawed packaging and focus on the flawless product.

Maybelline’s Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation is available at your local CVS for around $10.

Disclosure: The Beauty Bug paid $7.79 (She had a coupon for $2 off) for the foundation at CVS!

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