Balace Hair Care by James Joseph

The Beauty Bug was first introduced to Balance by James Joseph via a blind “sniff” test.  She was at the salon to get Her hair cut, and was having the usual shampoo and conditioner before the cut.  It was then, that one of the most fresh, and clean scents, with a citrus twang, was wafted in Her direction. She immediately stopped the stylist in mid-wash, turned around and asked what products she was using. It was the salon’s own line, Balance.

The products are the result of an intense five-year science project.  Salon owner William George set out to create a gentle product that treated the scalp and hair as we do our skin. Nothing was to hit the shelves with the James Joseph name on it unless the smell hit that perfect clean note, the lather was bountiful, and the sulfate-free, organic ingredients included the best that nature has to offer (tamanu oil, bergamot fruit oil and lavender oil). All of this and a hint of luxury? Tall order.

The Beauty Bug is happy to report that being a picky, focused stylist proved to be a huge win for William George. His line respects the environment, while enriching the health of your hair and scalp (in fact, most ingredients found in Balance to treat the scalp, can also be found in facial cosmetics).  The Beauty Bug’s hair loved the natural, soothing, gentle ingredients. Great for everyday use, the products are really like a daily dose of vitamins for your locks! They don’t leave any build-up or residue and leave hair healthy, easy-to-manage, and smelling out-0f-control good!

So, Mr. George – if you’re listening – The Beauty Bug would love a “Balance” scented candle. She’d love Her condo to smell as fresh and clean as Her hair.

Balance by James Joseph is available at all James Joseph Salons and on for $19.95.

Disclosure: Press samples were  provided to The Beauty Bug.

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