Smoke and Mirrors with Almay’s One Coat Dial Up Mascara

Long, dramatic lashes from Almay? The Beauty Bug didn’t  believe one word of that either. After all, they are like the Keds of the makeup industry – they will always be there in the background playing it very safe with very natural, barely-there products.  Until now.

So, how does this product actually work? Does it use a “dial up technology” that only scientists would understand? Keep guessing.  Does the “magic” have something to do with the wand? Try again.  The answer may be hard to uncover because Almay themselves  keeps it a mystery. There’s not even an explanation on their website under the “how it works” link. Ladies, it’s simple.  Behind the smoke and the mirrors it’s nothing more than the inner cavity expanding as you dial up the mascara (or compressing as you dial down), allowing for more product to be deposited on the brush. Therefore, when the dial is turned up to 3, the cavity is at its widest, and the maximum amount of product coats the brush.

Details aside, an adjustable mascara housed in one convenient tube is a pretty novel idea. It sparked this beauty junkies interest. One-up for Almay.  But, does it work? The short answer is yes (and Allure agrees with The Beauty Bug – the mascara recently won a “Cheap Thrill” award in its Best of Beauty issue). Turning the dial up all the way to 3 yields some solid, serious, statement lashes. The second setting results in lashes that are a bit tamer with just a little less volume, and The Beauty Bug most often just skips over the first setting – which simply defines. It’s your standard daytime mascara.

In the end, it’s a little bit gimmicky, but a lot of fun and  a great value.

Almay’s One Coat Dial Up Mascara is available at your local CVS for around $9.

Disclosure: The Beauty Bug paid $8.49 at CVS!

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