Shine On With Alterna Bamboo Luminous Products

Just making its debut in The Beauty Bug’s Shower product lineup and soon to be on retail shelves in February, Alterna’s new Bamboo Shine line is legit.   These rookies (shampoo, conditioner, shine mist, and silk sleek brilliance cream) pack a mean dose of luster, nutrients and radiance and trump all in the gleam, gloss and  glow departments. The secret ingredient causing all this static is Organic Indian Gooseberry (a flowering plant), which amplifies shine and makes locks strong, healthy and luminously shiny.  The Indian Gooseberry will never be featured in Kitchen Stadium alongside Alton Brown and Bobby Flay (although I’m sure Flay could come up with a gooseberry chipotle recipe), but it has been used for centuries by women in India to achieve incredibly brilliant hair. The products also include a potent organic bamboo extract, which boosts hair’s strength, flexibility and sustainability, high levels of antioxidants , minerals, amino acids and fresh green tea infusion for a natural, calming smell. Other important  credentials – it’s free of parabens and gluten, and provides UV/thermal/color protection to prevent damage and maintain color.

After using the products on 3 separate occasions, The Beauty Bug’s hair was strikingly shiny. She’s talking mirror-like shine, ladies. She’s talking people stopping to ask Her what She uses in Her hair kind of shiny. It’s unignorable. And hair feels and looks like you’re ready for your close-up next to Stacey London and Beyonce. It’s  light as a feather, easy to manage and run your fingers through, and infused with shine.

The only lackluster part – you’ll have to wait until February to get it.

Alterna’s Bamboo Shine producsts are $20 and will be available at Ulta stores, Studio at Fred Segal and high-end boutiques and salons worldwide in February.

Disclosure: Press samples were  provided to The Beauty Bug.

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