The Magnetic Manicure

There’s not much to say that hasn’t been said already about magnetic manicures. You can read all about it here. And here. And also here. Hotter than crackle, easier than Minx, and sexier than mattes – they are a holographic-esque showstopper.  But, despite the buzz, the trend hasn’t really penetrated nail salons yet. At least not in Boston. The Beauty Bug searched and searched and made several phone calls, and finally found one salon that offered the manicure – or so She thought. Upon arrival, She was met with many questions including “How do you know about the polish? Where do you live?  How tall are you? ” OK, so maybe not the last one…

After all the questioning and hesitancy, She didn’t  even know if  she was in the right salon. It was reminiscent of when Steve Sanders went to a convenience store and tried to “exchange an egg” on 90210. Remember that episode? He and Andrea went to try to go get information about a certain underground club using the code words “exchange an egg”. They soon concluded they were in the wrong place when the cashier had no idea what he was talking about. Lucky for The Beauty Bug, She was in the right place.

She chose LCN’s Iron Magic. Despite the salon needing to slightly brush up on their “holding the magnet over the nail” skills, The Beauty Bug approved of Her new textured tips. Next up, The Beauty Bug will attempt to do this at home  and enlist the help of her husband. Something tells Her that She’ll be back at the salon…

Disclosure: The Beauty Bug paid $22 for Her magnetic manicure. 

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  1. Aliah E.

    I can’t wait until it does penetrate nail salons to the fullest.

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