(Beauty)Bug Bites

  • Courtney Cox credits Mila Moursi’s facials and products for keeping her skin looking great. Her favorite products include the pH Balancing Toner, Refining Lotion, and the Anti-Age Lift Serum.  Something’s gotta keep Gale Weathers looking good – SCREAM 13 is set to be released in 2022.

  • These 2 products promise the world – except of course, that you’ll be able to pronounce them. One guarantees  instant gratification in 40 seconds, and the other claims to be 4x better than $500 serums. According to the company they “eliminate all marketing hype and costs from skin treatments and instead deliver real results as cost-effectively as possible.” They “use very high concentrations of the rarest, most effective actives from clinical laboratories in Switzerland, Spain, France and the United States.” All for just $19 and $39. Is it just The Beauty, or does the product look like something given out on a Jet Blue flight?

  • A $5,000 spa treatment that’s only 180 minutes? Oh yes,  that would be the Dieci Mani (Ten Hands) at QUA Bath’s & Spa at Ceasars in Atlantic City. It takes a team of five (four artisans and one esthetician), hence the name, and includes exfoliation, a Swedish and hot stone massage, a Roman bath, Shirodhara (a form of Indian medicine that involves gently pouring liquids over the forehead), reflexology and full-body chakra cleansing. Make that $6,000 with tip!

  • One Love Organics is the first to admit that the Skin Savior Balm works in mysterious ways.  Intrigued yet?  The waterless balm can be used from head to toe for cleansing, moisturizing, massaging  - even for taming your hair.  One beauty editor even mixed it with her loose mineral powder to make  dewy makeup. And Rachel Zoe is a fan – so that must mean it’s ‘EVERYTHING’.

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  1. 1955nurse

    I thought Ms. Cox was a spokesperson for Kinerase!?!?!? She’s been quoted in the past that THIS was the source of her almost freakishly unaging akin…. so what IS it? Kinerase, Mila Moursi’s products, what!?!?!?

  2. The Beauty Bug

    The Beauty Bug thought the same thing!? This info is from New Beauty Magazine. Courtney is on the cover this month. Maybe her contract with Kinerase is done? Good point…

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