RoC Daily Resurfacing Disks

Compact disks as we know them are pretty much obsolete – but The Beauty Bug urges you – get these CDs  in your beauty rotation. NOW.

RoC Daily Resurfacing Disks are pillows of moisturizing goodness, infused with soy and other skin-nourishing cleansers. They lather up a storm when circulated on the face and feel as silky as  mousse.  Seriously, the Barefoot Contessa could whip the lather into peaks and use it for a dessert…

The Beauty Bug uses them after cleansing to remove the final, stubborn traces of Her makeup. It’s the step in her nighttime regiment that She most looks forward to. The disks help to achieve that clean, bare feeling that cleanser sometimes can’t, and allows Her to see what has been removed from Her face. Instant gratification –  if you choose to look.

The pads are double-sided and dual-textured. The smooth side is creamy – it conditions and nourishes. Use this side to cleanse around your eyes.  The opposite side gently exfoliates and polishes. The Beauty Bug loves using it in the crevices near Her nose to remove any pesky dry skin.

Some tips for usage – try them in the shower and use them on your chest and neck, cut the pads in half (they are fairly big) and make them last longer, and wash your face with your cleanser of choice first.

They lather extremely well, are gentle, self-foaming, affordable, offer light exfoliation without irritation, and perfectly prime your skin for other treatments such as serums, etc. In terms of beauty products, what more can you ask for?

RoC Daily Resurfacing Disks are available at drugstores for $8. 

Disclosure: The Beauty Bug paid $8 at CVS for the disks!

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  1. Vonnie (socialitedreams)

    good review! these sound marvelous; i like that they are dual sided with each side having a purpose

  2. The Beauty Bug

    Well said – each side does have a specific purpose!

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