Jan Marini Gingerbread Holiday Exfoliator

Holy gingerbread! One whiff of the Jan Marini Holiday Exfoliator and The Beauty Bug didn’t want to spread this on Her face – She wanted to grab a cupcake to frost or throw it in the oven to bake right before guests come over!  Trust the Beauty Bug when she says you’ve never, ever smelled a beauty product like this one.

This jar of gingerbread delight  is dessert for your mug! It’s a dream and a half – super-whipped and airy. In terms of exfoliants, it’s one of the most gentle that The Beauty Bug has ever tested, yet it’s clinical strength! It contains glycolic acid, antioxidants, unripened papaya enzymes and teensy-weensy spherical dissolving beads . These little guys are what make this product a stand-out – they polish without being excessively abrasive.

The Beauty Bug applied a thin layer to Her cleansed face and worked the product around in a circular motion for 15-30 seconds. Her skin felt immediately smoother, and then even more smooth after waking up the next morning. Score one for the little exfoliator that could!

The Jan Marini Gingerbread Holiday Exfoliator is $80.

Disclosure: A press sample was provided to The Beauty Bug.

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