(Beauty)Bug Bites

  • Is it a hair elastic, or is it a bracelet? The answer, both. Check out Goody’s new DoubleWear  - black elastics adorned with silver or gold decoration that double as bangles when you aren’t wearing them in your hair. Pure gen-ius. They bear a striking resemblance to these bracelets which are $69/set.

  • In the previous edition of (Beauty)Bug Bites, The Beauty Bug told you about a spa treatment that was $5,000. This time it’s $1350 lashes that are 18-karat gold and diamond encrusted from Kre-At Beauty. For the girl who has everything, these doozies are available at Barney’s by special request only.

  • NEW BRAND ALERT – The Beauty Bug spotted these during a recent trip to Sephora and was amazed by the intricate filigree. Inspired by the art of Chinese paper-cutting, these lashes are….paper. They come in several designs and themes including peacocks, under the sea, and deer and butterflies. Each design has a symbolic meaning: Deer & Butterfly (free, beautiful, and sensitive), Peacock (auspicious and lucky days), Peach Blossoms (love is coming), and Under the Sea (secret treasure)
    And you thought your paper snowflakes that you made in second grade were impressive…

  • Crikey! Check out the new LCN reptilian manicure or as The Beauty Bug likes to call it…just another crackle polish with a sexier name.

  • Happy Anniversary, Allure!  In honor of the magazine’s 20th anniversary, Dior created this stunning Silver Lake nail polish. Available on Dior.com only during the month of November.

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