Daphne Guinness for MAC

Upon doing a little reading up on Daphne Guinness, The Beauty Bug scratched Her head and thought, maybe Lady Gaga isn’t all that innovative, creative, and cutting edge after all. Those adjectives, rather,  belong to Daphne Guinness, the socialite, designer, and muse whose been said to be an inspiration to Miss LG. Perhaps that’s why she’s behind MAC’s newest collection, which hits counters on December 26th. The collection is marked my cool wintry hues including deep, rich rose hues, sultry eggplants tones, and a silvery/gray Longwear Lipcreme.

The famous patron of couture once said, “I’ll eat when I’m dead,” when offered lunch at a photo shoot. The envy of many woman, Daphne’s  represents couture on the highest level. Her wardrobes includes 2,500 couture garments in total, and 450 pairs of shoes, 70 hats,  and 200 handbags. The Beauty Bug has closet envy.

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