Are You There, Dr. Gross? It’s Me, The Beauty Bug!

There’s only one person that The Beauty Bug would dare to go bare for and enter Sephora… without a lick of makeup on. Dr. Dennis Gross.

Last Thursday She was treated to a virtual skin consultation via Skype by the celebrity dermatologist. The event was part of a series – previous stops included Sephoras in Chicago and San Francisco. The dream derm chatted with about 20-25 people over the course of 2 hours, schooling each on anti-aging measures as well as making personalized product recommendations.

The Beauty Bug was excited to meet the man behind the famous peel and the ever-recognizable orange packaging (fun fact – Dr. Gross sells, on average, 182 peels per day).  The Dr. used HD technology to take an up close and personal look at Her skin. He asked the Beauty Bug to smile big, examining Her straight on first, then looking at both sides of Her profile.  The Beauty Bug explained to Dr. Gross that Her concerns were fine lines and wrinkles, those synonymous with the first signs of aging. She told him She religiously wears SPF 30 every single day and burns easily. Dr. Gross advised The Beauty Bug to be aggressive with Her preventative measures. He prescribed his Hydra-Pure Firming Serum with Chelating Complex for around the eyes and also recommended mixing in the Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel with the original , explaining that it was a good option for those with sensitive skin. Dr. Gross also let The Beauty Bug on a little trade secret – he told Her to make sure to apply sunscreen into the hairline on Her forehead. His final words of wisdom – use the Age Erase Recovery Mask 2 times per week for optimum moisture. Amen.

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