DIY Half Moon Manicure

Sunday nights are made for masks, manicures and magazines! The Beauty Bug experimented with the half-moon manicure. See Her photos and tips below:

Products used included:
Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Color Care in Fog
Milani One Coat Glitter Lacquer in Silver Dazzle

The Beauty Bug applied 2 coats of Fog and waited for it to dry, completely. Even though the bottom part of the white (closest to the nail bed) is the only exposed part, it’s important to apply it equally and smoothly to the entire nail. Once dry, place a reinforcement at the bottom of each nail, thus creating a crescent shape. After making sure the sticker was totally flat, The Beauty Bug began applying the glitter. Just as the name suggests, one coat is all you need. Finally, rip the reinforcements off like band aids – swift and quick!

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