(Beauty)Bug Bites

  •  Meet artist Ariana Page Russell. She has a rare  disorder called dermatographia  where lightly scratching her hypersensitive skin causes raised, red, temporary line. Just as we blush when we’re flushed or embarrassed, Ariana’s reaction is completely natural and uncontrollable. She has celebrated and claimed her disease by creating patterned body art and photographing it. Just call her the girl with the skin tattoo….

  • Because “Nobody likes the fugly” is just one of the reasons that Alpha Nail, a nail polish for men, was created. (But, chances are if you’re fugly, have foot odor, fungus, etc – you’re in need of a whole lot more than nail polish, my friend). Others reasons
    include to give men strength, swagger, style and get more sex. Visit their site and you are greeted with a series of macho glamour shots – most of which look like they are stills from a soap opera. Marketed as nail polish for the warrior, the formula claims to be “biologically superior” and promises to hold up from the boxing ring to the beach. So, more strength, swagger, style and sex for only $10 a pop?  Patti Stanger, are you listening? Sounds like your job may be in jeopardy.

  • The newest slant on the most classic grooming tool? Swarovski crystals – and lots of them. Grab a pair of shades and check out these babies. Tweezerman out-did themselves with these deliciously decked-out tweezers which double as a bathroom accessory. Because really, who would want to hide these in a medicine cabinet? Bling Bling.

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