SkinCeuticals & R Patz

Twi-hards, The Beauty Bug has a story for you. She and Her husband had dinner with Rob Pattinson. It was late 2008 in a small, packed bar adjacent to Fenway Park with Mr. EC, his bodyguard (love ya Dean!), The Beauty Bug’s clients and a few of Her co-workers. Ears ringing, the group had just returned from a tween-packed event at a local mall. Trying their best to remain calm, The Beauty Bug’s co-workers ogled over him, and hung on every.single.word that came out of his mouth. Meanwhile, The Beauty Bug only wanted to discuss vampire foundation colors, compare shades and coverage, and discuss his on-set skincare regimen. She was excited to have finally met someone as pale as She! Screw soul mate – he was Her skin-mate!

As the night progressed, he discussed typical guy things – Katee Sackhoff from from Battlestar Galactica and porn, before stepping outside to have a cigarette.  The Beauty Bug’s colleagues were entranced. Completely wowed. But, She…wasn’t. Had it been Justin Timberlake, Matt Lauer or Anthony Bourdain, then NOW we’re talking. But R Patz – yawn.

Had The Beauty Bug got a chance to dish vampiric beauty with him, Robby, no doubt, would have gushed over SkinCeuticals. Word is the skincare line was used on the set of BREAKING DAWN to keep the pale ‘plexions perfect, moisturized and ageless.

Just like the Cullen clan, The Beauty Bug has been relying on SkinCeuticals to keep Her visage  vibrant and youthful . Their new limited-edition value sets are enough to make any vampire blush. Each set comes with their holy grail productthe Retexturing Activator (an exfoliating agent and resurfacing serum), and either the lightweight SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture or intensely hydrating SkinCeuticals Emollience. The perfect pair – just like Edward and Bella.

The Retexturizing Activator exfoliates AND hydrates….in-the-know beauty babes know that it’s always one or the other. Bella can’t have both Edward and Jacob, and The Beauty Bug could never find a product that both resurfaced and replenished skin… until now. While a bit sticky, the pay-offs are well worth it (make sure to apply about 2 hours before going to bed to avoid going to bed feeling a bit sticky). Skin is smooth with improved texture,  radiant, supple and bright. The Beautuy Bug found Hers to be softer to the touch after just a few days of continuous use. Pores appear smaller and surface lines diminish in time. If you want to get technical, the results surpass those of a 20% glycolic treatment  - all in the comfort of your own bathroom with no redness or irritation.

Step 2 is Emollience. It’s a rich, restorative moisturizer formulated with natural extracts and oils.  The Beauty Bug applies it after the Activator both morning and evening, and it just melts into Her skin. The nutrient-rich Brazilian sea algae and grape seed oil help to battle the bitter cold streets of Boston and the wolf-packed, dry forests of Forks, Washington. You didn’t think that it was the blood that kept Bella’s skin perfect, did you?

And as if you even had to ask…The Beauty Bug is Team SkinCeuticals, of course.

SkinCeuticals is available at physician’s offices nationwide.

Disclosure: A press sample was provided to The Beauty Bug. 


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