Winter Hair Beware: Alterna’s Anti-Static Spray

When you’re having a day like The Beauty Bug had yesterday, it’s nearly impossible to keep your makeup looking good. She was travelling and on the go for nearly 17 hours. Hustling doesn’t even begin to describe it. One minute She was schvitzing on a train, and the next She was chasing cabs down the street in order to make it to Her meeting on time. Upon finally arriving at Her meeting, one of Her co-workers asked, “Did you just get bombed by the glitter man?” What a way to make a girl feel welcomed. The glitter from Her Midnight Cowboy eye shadow that The Beauty Bug had applied at 5AM (with primer) had made its way to Her temples, cheeks and under Her eyes. Wonderful. She didn’t even dare check Her mascara that was inevitably racing down Her face.

Her hair on the other hand, there was hope for that. The Beauty Bug had packed wisely and planned ahead. Her secret weapon – Alterna’s Anti-Static Spray. Despite Her electric day –  the  harsh winter winds, the dry indoor heat, and the constant on and off of  Her jacket – those pesky fly-aways were under control.  Ideally, She’d be using this après-ski while sitting in a cozy lodge by a fire, drinking mint hot chocolate and wearing a cute snowsuit and flirty hat. Alas, it was the middle of the work week, her makeup was melting, and She swore Her deodorant was starting to wear off. Glamour-city. But, back to the hair – Her strands were perfectly smoothed and moisturized. The weightless sheer mist worked in an instant, soothing Her hair cuticle and providing a light hold. Her locks were disciplined and static-free! A spritz here, and a spay there, and The Beauty Bug was sporting tamed tresses that smelled of a delish blend of almonds, vanilla, cherry and coconut.

Get this now and stock up, because as with most holy grail products – you guessed it  - it’s limited edition.

Alterna’s Anti-Static Spray is available at, and Ulta stores for $20.

Disclosure: A press sample was provided to The Beauty Bug.

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