Mychelle Dermaceuticals Cranberry Classics

While lots of people were celebrating today, gathered around a tree and opening gifts, The Beauty Bug was busy working on Her complexion – festively.  With MyChelle’s Cranberry Mud Mask and White Cranberry Cleanser. Be it the stress of the season or the changing weather here on the East coast,  She had developed a miniature version of Rudolph’s red-nose on her chin. And it was glowing.

Step one was the cleanser  – a fresh fruity melange that naturally exfoliates and deep cleans pores. Ideal for problem/oily skin, the cleanser provided a much needed time out for  Beauty Bug’s usually combination (but now problem-prone) skin. The naturally occurring fruit acids are the gentlest of gentle exfoliants, and won’t dry out or strip skin. Other ingredients include tea tree oil, salicylic acid, willow bark extract (been proven to enhance the cell renewal of the epidermis and reduce  formation of acne) and lavender oil.

Step two, the deeply mud purifying mask, was just what the derm ordered. While it doesn’t smell like cranberries, it contains the “super-fruit” extract that’s rich in antioxidants. The mineral-rich clays are like a swift kick in the head to a zit. They absorb oil and purge the skin of impurities, such as dirt and oil, and reduce the occurrence of breakouts. Finally, Totarol (a gentle alternative to Benzoyl Peroxide) inhibits and limits the growth of bacteria.  The mask really is like a small Christmas miracle – it cleans out pores,  calms the skin, treats acne but doesn’t dry out skin in the least.

Post mask and cleanser, The Beauty Bug’s skin was undoubtedly smoother and clearer. Pores appeared smaller and blemishes had lessened both in size, and redness.

And, just like Rudolph, The Beauty Bug hopes that Her red nose will disappear into the night…

The White Cranberry Cleaner ($17.29) and the Cranberry Mud Mask ($24.99) are both available at Whole Foods nation wide.

Disclosure: Press samples were provided to The Beauty Bug.

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