Interview with the Organic Pharmacist

She was like a little girl in a candy store – except her candy store was a pharmacy, in London. Working every Saturday, Margo Marrone  was fascinated by the endless rows  of shiny bottles – the herbs, ailments, and concoctions. Inspired by the sights, smells, blends and formulations, Margo Marrone began attending pharmacy school, specializing in herbal medicine, nutrition and well-being. Deep in her studies, she soon discovered homeopathy and became aware of Organic and what it meant.

From there, Margo’s story is a familiar one. She couldn’t find organic, natural products that measured up, so she took matters into her own hands. After mixing some creams and serums for family and friends, in 2002 The Organic Pharmacy was born. She was soon hand mixing medicinal creams and blends in the back of her shop, where desperate clients searched for cough and cold remedies, and answers to their skin concerns.

Now, with a slew of awards under her belt (InStyle  Best Beauty Buys, Bazaar Beauty Hot 100, etc.) and fans like Kylie Minogue and Jemma Kidd, (who both can’t live without Margo’s Carrot Butter Cleanser) Margo has 5 stand-alone shops in the UK as well as one in Beverly Hills. All of her products are handmade with effective organic ingredients and don’t contain any parabens, or artificial preservatives, colors or fragrances.

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