Best Makeover of 2011: Carmex Moisture Plus

As The Beauty Bug was getting ready to go out to a holiday dinner the other night, She went to say goodbye to Her husband, who was visibly annoyed at the sight of Her painted lips. He knew that meant he wasn’t getting a goodbye kiss – “Ugh, lip gloss,” he said, quite displeased. Nope. It wasn’t – he was mistaken. “Wrong,” The Beauty Bug replied vehemently. “It’s Carmex, in disguise.Carmex Moisture Plus.

This isn’t your grandma’s Carmex. The  new, slick tube is on-point and makeover fresh. Just like its old stand-by cousin, the new formula offers the mega-moisture we’ve all grown to love with a healthy kick of color.  The comforting smell, that, for The Beauty Bug is synonymous with a cold remedy is still there (many a tube filled The Beauty Bug’s LL Bean backpack while roaming the halls of Sharon High School), but with a new hint of vanilla added into the mix.  The smooth, buttery balm melts on to lips with a touch of tingle, instantly quenching and nourishing. The sheer color choices (peach, plum, berry and pink) are the perfect burst of color for your pout and leave an alluring dewy finish. How very glam of Carmex.

Ladies at $4, this product is a game-changer – better than any of the other balm-gloss-sticks out there. Pucker up!

 Carmex Moisture Plus is available at drug stores nationwide.

Disclosure: The Beauty Bug purchased Hers at CVS for $3.49.

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