(Beauty)Bug Bites

  • Ever seen an elephant getting a manicure? Neither had The Beauty Bug…until now. If you were ever embarrassed about your feet while getting a pedicure, just head to Nepal.

  • DKNY is hoping that you’ll put your money where your nose is.  According to the brandThis is what one million dollars smells like. The new pricey scent from DKNY contains notes of orange flower water, white rose, vanilla orchid, and golden delicious apple but, what’s on the bottle is more important -   2,700 white diamonds, 183 yellow sapphires, and a 2.43-carat yellow canary diamond.

  • Lip tattoos, hair necklaces and a urinal dress – nope, it’s not what The Beauty Bug wore on New Year’s Eve – it’s the 10 craziest fashions and beauty accessories from 2011.  Don’t tell The Beauty Bug Husband, but he’s getting a pair of Junderpants for his birthday!

  • Inspired by the nostalgic Mr. Sketch Markers, Tuff Scent adds some fragrance to your fingers. From almond to cinnamon, to rose and plumeria, the scent still is still detectable once your tips dry. The Beauty Bug isn’t sure what China Rain smells like, but doesn’t it sound exotic?

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