Beauty in a Snap: Artist Tools by Japonesque

When asked, any true beauty junkie will immediately be able to tell you their favorite local CVS to go to for the best selection of drug store products. Be it only 2 long aisles (not including the stacked end-caps)….The Beauty Bug gets lost in Hers. It’s the store that always carries the new varieties of Organix hair care, that limited edition Maybelline Blush that you’d chip a fresh manicure for and now the new Artist Tools by Japonesque. The name itself – Japonesque –  has such a regal, rich ring to it, no? These interchangeable,  dual-ended, professional quality, snap-on makeup brushes are IT. So smart, easy and practical that The Beauty Bug is kicking Herself for not coming up with such an idea Herself. The “snaps” are magnets, and perfectly latch on to the brush heads, making changing them wildly addictive…whether you need to switch the brush tips or not, you will be doing it, over and over again. It quickly becomes a novelty.

The full set of brushes will cost you around $37. Purchase the starter set first  ($12) which contains the dual ended brush handle, a foundation brush head and an angled eye liner brush head. Once you have the handle you can then get the powder brush ($9), the shadow crease brush ($4), the all-over shadow brush ($4), the brow/lash comb ($4), and the bent liner brush ($4), which happens to be The Beauty Bug’s favorite. All are sold separately.

Snap on, and snap off with Japonesque!

Artist Tools by Japonesque are exclusively available at select CVS locations nationwide. 

Disclosure: Press samples were provided to The Beauty Bug.


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