CLARINS Skin Spa at Bloomingdales

Right across from the Chanel boutique, adjacent to the Fendi area, there is a door that leads to dreamland. The new Clarins Spa. The private 2-room oasis is the first of its kind within a Bloomingdales store.  With this new luxury shop-eat-spa (in no particular order) concept, three words a girl can never refuse – especially all in one spot,  is there really any reason to shop anywhere else? The Beauty Bug thinks not.

Upon entering the gleaming white and red paradise, The Beauty Bug was greeted by Chantal Sanders, CLARINS Senior Director of Boutique & Spa Development. Ms. Sanders is a little Twizzler of a thing, in a pencil skirt, sporting bewitching blue eyeliner, never-ending lashes and the skin of a 29 year old French woman. She quickly gets down to business, telling The Beauty Bug about their signature treatments that She was going to experience  – the Melting Honey Hot Stones Massage and the TriActive Facial. The Beauty Bug could talk to Chantal all day – she’s traveled the world, has a mesmerizing accent, gets weekly facials and was dropping skincare knowledge like a boss.

Chantal next gushes about her 3 favorite CLARINS products that are her life lines – the Beauty Flash Balm, the Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, and Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Lotion. The Flash Balm (not to be mistaken as Flash Bomb, as sometimes printed and heard) allows her foundation to look radiant all day long, and sometimes She’ll even apply a thicker layer and use it as a mask if she has a big night out (what she refers to as The Cinderella approach). The Hand and Nail Treatment Cream penetrates all 4 surfaces of the hand (back, front, cuticles and nails) isn’t sticky, smells, divine and is a staple for her carry-on as she travels from city to city. Chantal next confesses that she goes through one retail sized Gentle Eye Makeup Remover per week, adding “I could drink that stuff.” It has the same PH as tears, is oil-free, and treats lashes without dehydrating.

Next, The Beauty Bug then made Her way to the treatment room to let the magic begin.

The TriActive Facial

When getting facials, The Beauty Bug always separates the treatment into segments – BE (before extractions) and AE (after extractions). But not with the Triactive Facial. Oh no. There is no pulling, extracting or excessive heat involved.  Instead, a series of more than 80 intricate hand movements combined with super-concentrated professional strength products that are exponentially more effective than those made for home use (one application is equivalent to using the at-home version for 7 days) The TriActive concept is defined in 3 distinct stages: preparation and priming of the skin with cleansing and a lymphatic drainage massage, absorption of active ingredients including a personalized mask and massage, and finally, optimization of results. The Beauty Bug’s aesthetician gave her the most comprehensive cleanse and exfoliation that She’s ever had, followed up by hot compress massage, face mask, eye mask, and more massaging. At times it felt like there were more than 2 hands at work, but it was just her masterful aesthetician.  She was so skilled, that when The Beauty Bug left, She expected to see her  juggling or basket-weaving. After the hour-long treatment,The Beauty Bug’s skin was plump, even in tone, and radiant.

Melting Honey Hot Stones Massage

The Beauty Bug’s next treatment (currently only offered at this Bloomingdales location and at the Madison Avenue Skin Spa in NY) was a combination of hands,  honey, and hot stones. By using four distinct shaped marble and slate stones  – a tear drop stone for specific use on the legs and arms, heart and disk stones for the stomach and abdomen, and the diamond stone for the back – precise heating zones are activated, draining and eliminating deep knots and tension. As the massage therapist aligned the stones down The Beauty Bug’s spine, it felt like a warm surge of energy was traveling up her back and  She could feel the tension releasing. The best part of the massage? No oily residue or post-massage shower required.  The professional melting honey gel changes form three  during the course of the massage, going from a cream, to an aroma-therapeutic fluid oil, and finally, with the application of water, a milky emulsion that is completely absorbed by the skin.

Thanks to Clarins, The Beauty Bug lived like a European for a day  – minus the croissant and accent.

The TriActive Facial ($90) and the Melting Honey Hot Stones Massage ($110) are available at Clarins Spas.


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