(Beauty)Bug Bites

  • Just months after her divorce, Katy Perry is lashing out…in Ulta. This month she’ll release her own line of fake eye lashes on Ulta.com. Surely, they’ll be trimmed with cupcakes and lollipops.

  • The best part of about this story? The Beauty Bug Husband sent Her an email with the link and the subject read: “crazy woman loses arm“, and that pretty much sums it up. A New Orleans meshuggah injected “bath salts” into her arm at a party, which lead to an uncontrollable infection, which ultimately lead to the amputation of her arm. Clearly she didn’t watch the Chris Hansen Dateline investigation.

  • Open wide, ladies and get ready to suck! Japanese housewife Chikako Hirama did. She was concerned about anti-aging and designed this Pupeko mouthpiece to combat the tell-tales signs. The tool inserts into mouths, creating an O-shaped expression that enables the user to suck in and puff out their cheeks. Cheek and jaw muscles tighten and the face looks fresher.  It’s yours for only $40. A bargain.

  • While most of the normal world received lipgloss and socks in their Christmas stocking, 7 year-old Poppy, the daughter of Sarah Burge, the woman known as the human barbie, received a liposuction voucher worth about $11,000. The Christmas before Poppy received a voucher for breast augmentation, which she can redeem at age 18, if she chooses to. Suddenly, Toddlers and tiaras seems so….normal.

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