Friday Night Lights

The above photo pretty much sums up Friday nights in The Beauty Bug household. The Beauty Bug’s candle of choice this week  - June Jacobs Citrus Bergamot.  After a week of nonstop conference calls, meetings, and powerpoint decks filled with corporate nonsense, it’s just what the relaxation fairy ordered. The fresh, light scent is incredibly calming and tranquil, and can even somehow help to dull the snores of a very tired bulldog (Miss Edith Rose).  Notes include citrus, shea blossom, pure vanilla, clover honey and sandalwood. As soon as it’s lit, it fills the house with warmth and winding-down vibes. The scent is so soothingly intoxicating, that if The Beauty Bug didn’t know better, She’d swear it had some sort of transitive power and was releasing pacifying currents into the air to take you away to a dreamy, dozy state. Pair it with a cup of your favorite, and forget about it – you’re out within 25 minutes.

 Disclosure: A press sample was provided to The Beauty Bug.

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