(Beauty)Bug Bites

Rachel in a Bottle – Rachel’s claims her favorite movie is DANGEROUS LIAISONS (although her Friends say it’s WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S) and apparently her favorite haircare line resides here in Boston  -  Living Proof.  The  smarty-pants wizards over at MIT have been developing these scientific-based products since 2008 and now Anniston will join the team as a spokesperson and product creator, according to the Wall Street Journal.  The meeting included “a demonstration in which two executives used an upholstery steamer on a model’s head to simulate humidity.”

Eyebrow Envy – As if monthly waxing/threading maintenance fees weren’t enough, some women are now forking over as much as $8,000 for a pair of perfect Kardashian-esque brows. The procedure includes some 400 follicles being transferred from the head to the brow area. One transplant  recipient  said she waited 6 months to finally trim hers, at which point they began looking grandpa-esque. Are you there Andy Rooney? It’s me, your bushy eyebrow twin.

Serge Lutens' Compliment Beige

International Intrigue – New Beauty shares some  of their must-have products from across the pond.

A Lotta Lip – The Beauty Bug agrees – the perfect nude lipstick is hard to find  - but would you spend $75 to put an end to that wild goose chase? Serge Lutens hopes so. The the iconic make-up artist, photographer, fashion and jewelry designer, perfume creator and film-maker is best known for his collaboration with Shiseido, and possibly creating the most expensive lipstick in the world. Add the finishing powder for another $160!


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