M-61 Fast Blast Mask

Blonde, brainy and bright  - that pretty much describes Marla Malcolm Beck, co-founder of Bluemercury, Inc and creator of M-61 skincare. The lady is a one-woman wonder – an anomaly. Not only did she spearhead the opening of her 37 Bluemercury Spas/retails boutiques, but she also created M-61 skincare, a power-packed natural treatment line that provides maximum results in minimum time. DAMN.

Now, let’s talk astronomy. M-61 is named after a blue galaxy. It’s one of the few “resolved” galaxies, which means scientists understand how it works and all of the science behind it. Bluemercury and M-61 are obsessed with proven science, discovery and new frontiers. Far out.

The 2-minute Fast Blast Mask was the best 2 minutes of the Beauty Bug’s evening yesterday. What’s better than some tingle and foam? While Obama and Romney were bickering, The Beauty Bug was brightening.  The fast-acting mask, which includes Vitamin C (an antioxidant which promotes collagen), seaweed (improves elasticity and moisture tension), Aloe (anti-inflammatory) and Vitamin B5 (water-binding substance; treats dry skin), gently exfoliates and provides an instant pick-me-up. Even more impressive than the ‘glow potential’ was how stunningly smooth it left The Beauty Bug’s face.  Refreshment on-demand.

The M-61 2-minute Fast Blast Mask is available at BlueMercury.com and at Bluemercury stores for $50. 

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