Interview with the FAB Boston Beauty: Lilli Gordon

first-aid-beauty-lilli-gordan-beauty-business-298x232Boston is known for its ball players, baked beans, and brains. Among those big brains is skin care mogul Lilli Gordon, founder of First Aid Beauty (FAB). Gordon’s story is a common one; one that many women (including The Beauty Bug) can relate to. Having sensitive skin, Gordon tested product after product only to see her skin angrily flare up. It was that occurrence that prompted operation: first aid beauty – the rescue mission for her skin. In 2009, with the help of dermatologist  Dr. Robert Buka, the no-frills, safe, effective FAB line was born.

If you aren’t intrigued yet hear this: Gordon once said that when wearing her Ultra Repair Cream, “You feel like you’re wearing La Mer, but it’s $28 for six ounces. It’s just this incredible texture.”

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