(Beauty) Bug Bites

resizeLittle Globes – It’s hard to hate on Anne Hathaway as much as The Beauty Bug does when we’re talking about this little Fantine. Check out the stars, down-sized and adorable, as they walk the red carpet in what NY-based artist Tricia Messeroux calls, Toddlewood. It sure looks like little Taylor Swift (pictured right) could teach the real crooner a thing or too about some sass and swag.

A BB Cream for Your Hair – Ladies, head to your purses and break out your CC’s, and do it fast. The Beauty Bug is willing to bet that this new BB cream from KeratinPerfect FOR YOUR HAIR could be the next holy grail product. It’s a 3-in-1 balm that protects (all-day frizz protection), repairs (helps to prevent breakage) and perfects (promotes shine, etc.).

Lashing Out – This Etsy user has given a new meaning to ‘batting your eyelashes’. Not sure what occasion one would wear these pieces to, or how heavy they would feel on your eye (just seems like a pain in the lash to The Beauty Bug), but one thing is for sure – it looks like there’s a caterpillar on your eyelid. Not the look that The Beauty Bug is going for. Prices range from $15-$45.

Boxed Beauty – Who What Wear provides the Cliff Notes for all of the beauty subscriptions on the market, but leaves out the very first one that started the trend – New Beauty’s Test Tube.

Aniston & Aveeno - Aveeno wants us to believe that Jennifer Aniston doesn’t spend her money on high-priced facials and procedures containing rare ingredients like Swiss apples, snails and synthetic snake venom – but that instead, she uses their  mild, earthy-crunchy line. Aniston has reportedly cashed in big time, earning an eight-figure salary to be the face of the brand.

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