(Beauty) Bug Bites – International Edition

Death By Face Mask – Last August, Watsons, a health and beauty chain in Hong Kong, removed one of it’s own facial masks from shelves after it was claimed that  40 year-old woman died from using it. While the White Pearl Super-Whitening Mask did pass several safety tests, the woman’s relatives claim that her body turned red, and her lips blue, and she later died in the hospital. Doctors speculated that she had a severe allergic reaction.

North Korea Daily LifeNorth Korea Issues Menu of Sanctioned Hair Styles - Forget the menu at your local favorite blow dry salon – check this hair style menu of North Korea’s approved hair styles. Their concern with their citizen’s hair dates back to 2005 when they began airing a show called ‘Let us trim our hair in accordance with Socialist lifestyle’.  The show even sent out undercover teams with cameras to catch people in the act -the act of “falling foul of recommended hair styles.” Women can choose from 18 styles, most of which resemble mullets, and men have 10 options. As with most, if not everything, Amber, The Beauty Blogging Junkie, also has some choice words on this ruling. Wonder what their thoughts are on ombre…probably not acceptable.

The Case of the Mistaken Moisturizer - Bet your Valentine’s day present didn’t top this token of love, which is now costing the sender $300. A 19-year old student received a gift of what she thought was moisturizer from an adoring admirer. It was only after she had slathered it all over her face, did her roommate determine that it was not moisturizer, but sperm.  ”I love her so much but she didn’t know it and I didn’t know how to tell her”, said her admirer. But, perhaps there’s a silver lining?  The Huffington Post consulted with Cosmo Editor Helen Gurley Brown who said having semen spread all over your face can’t be that bad because it’s full of protein. Cue up the SOMETHING ABOUT MARY scene.

Set Your Body on Fire & Get Glowing SkinFire facial anyone? Didn’t think so. But if it does happen to tickle your pickle you’re in luck because it’s growing in popularity in China. The treatment, called Huǒ liáo, begins with your esthetician soaking a towel in alcohol laced with a “secret elixir” and then placing it on a “problem area” (face, legs, back or neck). The towel is then SET ON FIRE for several seconds before being extinguished. Fans of Huǒ liáo claim that it works beauty superpowers on ailments like dull skin, the common cold and obesity. Note: if you’re reading this, you’re never allowed to complain about getting a Brazilian wax. Ever.

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