A Masked Moment: OSEA’s Black Algae Mask

lap_4399_6428Because the weekends are for relaxing and recharging, The Beauty Bug will review a mask every Friday. Sit back, relax, put your feet up, run a bath, light the candle and slather away!

In anticipation of Her upcoming travels to Florida and St. Maarten, The Beauty Bug is dreaming of beaches, palm trees, tropical fruity drinks and …algae. Yes, algae. If you want to get technical, algae is a large group of simple nonflowering plants containing chlorophyll but lacking true stems, roots, leaves, and vascular tissue.  But to The Beauty Bug, the certified organic seaweed that She’s schmearing all over Her face is a dream exfoliant and brightener. She’s had algae on the mind after using OSEA (Ocean Sun Earth Atmosphere) Skincare’s Black Algae Mask 2 times over the past 2 weeks. The potent exfoliating treatment clarified Her skin and eliminated dead surface skin cells in a matter of minutes, certainly living up to its promise.

Ingredients include pure fig extract (extract eliminate surface dead skin cells and stimulate circulation), black marine silt, malic acid (targets wrinkles, fine lines and a dull complexion) and micro black jojoba spheres. The fun begins after about 10 minutes, when the mask dries and is ready to be washed off. The Beauty Bug wet Her fingers and gently massaged the mask off Her face, revealing a baby pink glow from stimulated circulation. Skin was soft and fresh. After Her first application, the glow as more pronounced as compared to Her second, but skin was equally smooth and bright!

The OSEA Black Algea Mask is available at OseaMalibu.com for $48. 

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