Purity of Elements (POE) Daily Purifying Polish

50307Most mothers and daughters bond over  shopping trips, long weekends away or movies. But not Sheri Poe and her daughter Danielle Birritella. They bonded over beauty and together, they created a skincare line. Pretty much blows every other bonding activity out of the water, yes?

Overwhelmed by the vast array of skincare offerings and of-the-moment ingredients, they embarked on a mission to simplify skincare. And so, POE (Purity of Elements) was born.

The paraben-free line is packed with pure minerals, antioxidants, botanicals and other super-charged ingredients including copper, zinc, algae, avocado, pomegranate, ginger root, pumpkin, ginko biloba and a special tea and berry blend. POE reflects its founders’ holistic approach to beauty and is rooted in the philosophy that balanced skin is a reflection of a balanced life.

The Beauty Bug has long written about Her love of washing Her face; coming home and washing away all the stresses of the day. Instant satisfaction via a face wash or cleanser. Yes, that’s a lot of pressure to put on one product – to wash away the angst of any given day – but, POE’s Daily Purifying Polish kills it. One whiff, and it will make sense. You’ll want to schmear it all over your face too (it smells like a creamsicle). The cleanser is packed with antioxidant tea and a blend of berries, making almost good enough to eat but even more delicious to smell. The exfoliating micro-beads help to gently sweep away dead surface skin cells, leaving skin soft, smooth and healthy. Key ingredients include Jojoba Oil (restores skins natural lipid barrier), Mandarin Orange Peel extract (anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-bacterial), Soybean Germ extract, and Vitamin E. It’s mild, yet effective, and calms and clarifies. The polish feels great on skin and can be used everyday. Call on the power of the micro-beads to combat flakiness, exfoliate and freshen skin, or just when you need that clean fresh-feeling fix, as The Beauty Bug often does.

POE Daily Purifying Polish is available at purityofelements.com for $32.

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