Vacation Nails: Black and Silver Half-Moon Manicure

It’s hard to write a post about a manicure or nail polish when you’re in St. Maarten,  distracted by the fresh island air and crashing waves. The Beauty Bug has tried about 3-4 times, but keeps drifting off in an island daze. That’s what vacations are for, yes?

In preparation for Her vacation, The Beauty Bug opted for a half-moon manicure – something to show off Her tips while toasting mud slide after mud slide. See the series of photos below to see the step-by-step process of Her half-moon manicure.





2 Responses to Vacation Nails: Black and Silver Half-Moon Manicure

  1. Angie C

    Wow. These look so cool. my daughters spend hours trying different nail polish looks and colors. They like black nail polish so I showed them this manicure. Loved it!

  2. Lisa J. Saucier

    It looks so elegant! Very beautiful indeed!

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