Benefit Cosmetics is Now Beautifying Boston

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As The Beauty Bug sat at the fresh, new, gleaming Benefit Brow Bar getting her brows shaped and waxed, She counted the number of people who came in wanting to have their brows groomed (waxed or threaded) at their new boutique on Newbury St. And counted. And counted. And just kept counting. There was barely a break in the brow traffic.

And, for good reason. With over 800 Brow Bars in 25 countries, and 1200 brow experts strong (yes, they are licensed  aestheticians), Benefit holds the Guinness World Record for the most brows waxed. They’ve shaped over 2 million brows and counting.

Each Benefit Brow Beauty uses the same mapping technique. They start by measuring from the dimple of the nostril up towards the brow. This is where the brow should start to balance the eyes and create a sliming effect on the nose.

Step two: perfecting the arch. They measure upwards at an angle from the outside of the nostril through the center of the pupil. This determines the high-point that creates maximum eye lift.

Lastly, they measure upwards at a deeper  angle from the outside  of the nostril toward the outer corner of the eye.

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Hopelessly devoted to brows now and forever, The Benefit Brow Bar and The Beauty Bug became fast friends.  The Beauty Bug, who previously thought that you could only achieve a perfect arch through threading, was proved wrong.

Stop in to the Newbury street boutique, or any boutique in the northeast for a brow shaping or one their many other services including airbrush tanning, brow and last tinting, body waxing, lashes and makeup lessons and applications.

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